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The Technology Difference

At Dental Health, we made the decision to invest in the latest technology to best help you with your dental and overall wellness. While most dentists have similar training and credentials, the benefits to our patients of this new technology is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Same Day Crowns & Veneers Anyone that has lived weeks with temporary veneers or crowns that fall off or are uncomfortable can tell you how wonderful this new technology can be. Our E4D CAD/CAM dental system enables us to provide you with the dental care you want and need in a single visit.

IntraOral Cameras We have a small, high quality, digital camera that allows us to show you that cracked filling or broken tooth. Part of our responsibility at Dental Health is to help educate you about your teeth and mouth. In this case, a picture certainly is worth a thousand words.

Dental Laser At Dental Health we can use a dental laser to remove and reshape gum tissue and prepare teeth for fillings, often without any need for numbing. Typically there is less swelling, bleeding and post-operative sensitivity. Lasers offer our patients a safe and effective treatment option that does not produce the same anxiety and nervousness. Reducing anxiety and helping patients feel better about visiting the dentist may help some patients get the dental treatment that they need.

Diagnostic Laser DIAGNOdent is a very low power diagnostic laser used to detect early cavities. It has the great advantage of detecting caries in the very early stage by measuring the laser fluorescence within the tooth structure. Cavities caught early are easier to fill and conserve more valuable tooth structure.

Digital XraysWe have been using digital dental X-rays for so long that it does not seem new to us at all until we remember how many Longmont offices do not have this amazing technology. Lower radiation, quicker & easier to take, store and share are just some of the benefits of being all digital. Also of note is that we use the non-wired digital x-rays which are very thin and much more comfortable to the patient than wired x-rays sensors.

Oral Cancer Screening As part of your normal preventive visit exam, we do a thorough visual and tactile screening for oral cancer. As an additional diagnostic procedure, we can utilize the VELscope® Oral Cancer screening device. The VELscope's distinctive blue-spectrum light causes healthy soft tissues of the mouth to fluoresce while tissue damaged by trauma or disease does not. Using the VELscope, a wide variety of oral abnormalities can be discovered, often before they're visible to the unassisted eye. Discovering soft tissue abnormalities is particularly important in the fight against oral cancer because early detection allows for easier and more effective treatment. The normal pink looking tissue in this photograph appeared abnormal under the VELscope and was biopsied to be cancer.

No Injection Deep Cleanings Traditionally an anesthetic injection is required to do scaling and root planing, also known as a Deep Cleaning. We nearly always uses Oraqix instead of a needle for this procedure making it much easier for you and reducing any dental anxiety about the treatment. Oraqix is the only FDA approved device for needle-free scaling and root planing.

Invisalign Nothing says hi-tech dentistry as Invisalign does. Using advanced 3D proprietary software, Dr. Howell can turn a crowded crooked smile into an instant charmer. The Clear Alternative to Braces.

Software While pretty much all dental offices have software to assist them, we are especially proud of how we have been able to fine tune ours to give the best advantage to you and your family. After verification of your dental insurance, your benefits can automatically be available to provide you with the most cost effective treatment options. Depending on your preference, we can conveniently send you texts, emails or call you to confirm upcoming appointments and to provide us with feedback on how to best serve you.

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